Forex – Trading the News?

Forex Robot ReviewForex – Trading the News?

To start off the second post here at FRR, we cover an important article.  It’s about forex trading the news, and the main message is, DON’T DO IT!  Stick with Forex Robots or Forex Trading Systems!

There are several stories of traders that  wait for an event and try and pounce on the market before the fluctuations begin.  I have noted a phenomenon I call shockwave or Price Trace Dispersement.

Here, Forex Traders in several examples monitor and attack the first reaction to reports or a press release.

They believe that there will be a short but pointed price move in one particular direction.

Shockwave : a price movement in the other way of the first reaction. All traders should have a regular calendar of outstanding, prepared press releases. My recommendation isn’t to trade these headlines. In reality I wish to be on the sidelines just before the statement and. Are you indifferent? Traders occasionally refer to this as “expectation. ” I think it is more expectancy, and trust me, I have tried this method.  I still try and make a trade hear and there when I hear something in the news.  It just doesn’t work!

Different from facts Ican tell you a lot about the technical fundamentals of automated forex trading. Do not be quick to judge the news reaction;. If you have got to trade the news, do use an execution tool.  A useful reference is James Bickford’s Foreign exchange reader released in 2007.  Search for it on google.

Really, we recommend Forex Robots, and we offer helpful reviews to ensure you find the right one.  As we continue to write articles we will advise you on which forex trading systems are the best.

Forex – Trading the News?

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