Welcome to Forex Robot Reviewer


Welcome to Forex Robot Reviewer

I would like to personally welcome you to Forex Robot Reviewer.

This is a resource that you can count on for honest unbiased reviews of Forex Software, Expert Advisors and more.  There are a few staff members but I do most of the posting and reviewing.  I will be taking a few different approaches when I look at these systems:

  • Live Account Testing
  • Backtesting
  • Forward Testing
  • Support Quality
  • Cost
  • Risk/Reward

These are all the key areas that I will focus on when looking into MT4 forex robots.  Let me talk about my experience some.

My Experience

I have traded with over 50 systems so far, some robots others signal systems.  Overall I have gained over $100,000.00 in the last three years using EA’s.  That’s not to say I haven’t lost, because I have, but all in all if you do your due diligence you will be rewarded.

The reason I am here

Like you I have responsibilities, priorities but as a hobby I have decided to run this site.  I am probably going to run it for a couple months and see what people think, if the response is good and I can truly help some people in the forex market then I am happy and I wont stop.


I am currently still working on the site, the content, which robots to review etc so I will not make my e-mail visible yet.  If you want to contact me, do it through commenting on posts for now, and once things get a little easier to manage I’ll let you know where you can contact me personally.

So, thanks for reading the first post of the Forex Robot Reviewer blog and I hope that you continue to check in from time to time because it might just make you a LOT of MONEY!